# 19 Production Designer - Happy Massee

# 19 Production Designer - Happy Massee

Joining us today is Production Designer Happy Massey 

Well be talking Production  Design, Madonna and his new book 

"Diary of a Set Designer "

Im your host Jonathan Bookallil 

So sit back relax and enjoy the Show


I think Happys story is one of a life well lived , Paris New York and everywhere in between ..

but it is what he took in through all those years that sets him apart and defines his asthetic..

So whereever you are .. be inspired, look around, explore … find something that moves You

have a good foundation in the classics .. and then TRUST you instincts .. 

because more often than not your first thought is the correct one .. 

And finally wed like to dedicate this podcast to Happys brother Michael Massey

 A talentad actor who recently passed away not long after we recorded this episode .

My thoughts and prayers go out to hyis family .. especially his two kids ..

So remember to love and appreciate your family and friends … life can be too short .

Here are some of the polaroids we discussed on the show from Diary of a Set Designer 

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