#17 Model Agent - Joseph Tenni

#17 Model Agent - Joseph Tenni

Joining us today from Sydney Australia Is Model Agent Joseph Tenni


Well thanks for listening theres a couple of take aways from todays episode

The frirst one I want to talk about is loyalty and in todays market that seems a rare commodity. And although you will get an instant bump from working with someone new there is a huge compound benefit from working with people you have a long professional relationship with that I cant emphasize enough. So although theres always a time to work with the Hot New Thing .. look back at your most creative moments and Im sure its wiith a crew you know and trust .

Secondly I want to quote an upcoming guest and host of the Work on your game podcast, Dre Baldin, check it out (link below) and its just that .. Work On Your Game.

If youre a model, know the photographers, know the stylists, read magazines, know your craft , turn up to castings .. Work on your game!

And ths applies to everyone in the industry even if youve been in the business for 20 years like me, especially if youve been in the industry for 20 years .. work on your game .. get better at what you do .. keep learning keep pushing .. because theres a hot new thing right behind youj wanting your spot ..

Well were going to beputting out more content and more podcasts as we near our first year

 New shows and new collaborations …

I hope youve been enjoying Daddio FM my mission here has become clearer with each episode .. But please if you havent already rate and review the show .. you can do it right on your phone because it really helps grow the show  

Daddio Out 



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