#16 Fashion Hairstylist - Leon Gorman

#16 Fashion Hairstylist - Leon Gorman

Joining us today in studio is FashionHair Stylist Leon Gormon

Well be taliking   Hair Styling   Ireland andhis upcoming organic hair care line


There are several things to take away from Leons story today . The first was that he was unafraidto get out of his comfort zone , who today is willing to sleep overnightin a train station in order to get an interview .. because with great risk comes great reward

He had grit - not only did he get out of his comfort zone, but he had the perserveranceto stay there ...He continues to learn .. he is willing to admit he doesn't know everything about his craft and he acknowledes the masters like Eugine and Guido .. he still gets goosebumpse thinking about it 

He has support . an amazing mother and now an amazing wife .. who can lift him up when hes down, who he can discuss and plan with , some one who is invested inhis success .

And lastly pride .. that Irish pride ..

Proud of his acomplishments and able to acknowkledge them to himself 

Its really important to take a moment when things go well to pat yourself on the back … 

We tend to dwell on things when they go bad .. play them over and over .. but quickly move on to the next thing when things go well …

So when you have a success .. take a moment..

Find pride in what you do .. be proud of your own success .. you know how hard youve worked .

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